Features & Benefits

Sulcus Fit

Variation in sulcus size & shape require an adaptive haptic design
The unique 4-flex haptic configuration by 1stQ ensures independent anchorage on four pressure points as opposed to C-loop type sulcus lens designs. The 1stQ AddOn® Trifocal IOL maintains a stable position in eyes with a wide variety of axial lengths.

Square Design

Rotational stability is made reality thorugh a non-torque design

- To date, no cases have been reported in which the 1stQ AddOn® needed repositioning
- The mean absolute change in IOL position was below 5 degrees.
- Higher stability than that published in connection to C-loop type sulcus lens designs.


Maintaining iris function and anterior segment physiology
- The square optic design of the AddOn was egineered to prevent Iris capture, independent of pupil aperture
- The rounded edges of the optic and haptics help avoid iris chafing and iris pigment dispersion, thereby - preventing secondary glaucoma.
- To date no reports of iris chafing, pupillary rupture or pigment dispersion syndrome have been published.

Maintaining IOL clearance
- The convex - concave optic design of the 1stQ AddOn® IOLs creates sufficient interlenticular space to avoid IOL touch and minimizes the development of interlenticular opacification.
- Preserved endothelial cell integrity and funtion.